Build Superhero Strength With Progressive Overload Training

Building the strength of a Superhero is applied by implementing the Progressive Overload Training Principle. Super Strength is simply gained by “always doing more, as much as humanly possible.”


Super Strength of a Super Hero With Progressive Overload Training

When you apply the progressive overload principle you will see gains you never thought possible. Gaining this much strength without taking any steroids is unheard of, but people are doing it every day. Your mindset and belief system are the only things holding you back. Progressive overloading is requires the right mentality and physical effort. Progressive overload training is what I call the “Dawn of Fitness.” Granted the fact that people were working out long before the progressive overload principle was ever implemented, the idea of steadily applying more over an extended period of time was not put into action until Milo of Croton.

Milo’s Progressive Overload Training Principle

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